The provision of brand new and used construction machinery, we source from reliable suppliers, both local and foreign, and ensure that the equipment we sell and lease are of quality. Our skilled team is able to do the repair work efficiently and effectively. has established a strong position in the industry. Over the years of quality and prudent service, business has grown from strength to strength. Through the years, we have also built strong relationships with our foreign partners. We hope you have a satisfying and satisfying experience working with us.

Construction equipment and heavy machinery provider

  • import Export
  • Sales and Rentals
  • Service and repair

1. Import and export heavy machinery

New Town is active in the import and export of heavy machinery in the Asian and Middle Eastern regions. We as New Town Engineering Pve Ltd will import and export heavy machinery to meet the continuous demands of our customers. We specialize in the trade of heavy machinery used for Kobelco, Hitachi, Yanmar, Airman, Kubota and Caterpillar, just to name a few. The company aims to make import and export of heavy machinery quick and fuss-free for our suppliers and customers. Contact us today and learn how we can assist you in your shipment.

2. General machinery service and repair

To maintain customer’s trust in us and build strong relationships, we provide prompt and good after-sales service through our service and repair team. In the industry for over 16 years, we provide solutions to problems with your heavy machinery. Our team provides on-site servicing for the convenience of our customers. We also service and repair in our stockyard. In providing quality service with immediate feedback from our service team, we can help you keep your machine to a minimum.

3. Salary and Rent

Including mini machinery, hydraulic excavators, forklifts, skid loaders, road rollers, wheel loaders, generators, hydraulic breakers, grapplers, buckets we do. , And a wide range of our products. We are able to provide our sales and rental services to a large customer. We accept trade in used heavy machinery. Long and short term rentals are also available.

1. Excavators

2. Heavy Construction Machinery

3. Lightweight Construction Machinery

4. Attachments

5. Excerpt parts

Apart from this, we also supply spare parts such as servicing filters, engines and main pumps etc. We source from various suppliers to provide good quality products at reasonable prices to our customers.

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